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Technical specifications:

  • Bidirectional satellite terminal
  • Always-on internet connection
  • Email
  • Digital Video Streaming
  • Videoconferencing
  • File Transfer (FTP)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Fast and reliable connection
  • Several downlink/uplink speeds:
    from 512 to 2048 down
    from 128 to 512 up
  • 99.80% availability
  • No telephone needed
  • Compact terminal
  • Ethernet — run on small networks
  • Wireless LAN compliant
  • VoiceOverIP support
  • Windows, Linux, Mac Os
  • DHCP, SMTP, POP3 integrated protocols

Prices excluded 20% VAT (if applicable). Installation prices subject to satisfactory survey. Unusual conditions will be charged extra. Space Dynamics reserves the right to change specifications and prices. Minimum contract: 12 months. Public IP address available on demand. Prices quoted are for antenna sizes up to and including 0.96 m

Our Guarantee
We are professional chartered satellite communication engineers! Our goal is to provide an outstanding service and we will work with You to meet All Your requirements.

Usefull Information

Space Dynamics iDierct through technology is able to offer connectivity solutions such SCPC or Single Channel Per Carrier, then the transmission channels in both uplink and downlink dedicated entirely to the customer. It ’a service, in general, the iDirect technology iSCPC or other, more suitable for internet access with links to dedicated bandwidth, link to back up and disaster recovery of dedicated bandwidth, Voice over IP and all the data that require a high level of security and confidentiality, as well as stability.

The Single Channel Per Carrier provides for the allocation of a two-way IP satellite channel, for the interconnection of two sites directly, or between a remote site and the teleport Netdish, upload and download speeds from 64 Kbps up to a maximum of 4 Mbps as for the equipment for this type of solution, technically the main features are:
· Satellite band: C BAND Ku BAND
· modulations: BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
· Interfaces: ethernet, serial, ISDN
· Viterbi FEC to IESS 308/309 1?2, 3?4 and 7?8
· Turbo FEC 1?2, 3?4 , 7?8, 21?44 and 5?16
· High stability 10MHz reference
· FSK control of the BUC from the modem

Hardware equipment: The equipments described in the following table are necessary for SCPC services in Europe:

1.2m dish ASC Signal standard Antenna, adopted for iDirect Standard satellite services with TDMA and SCPC Included
Infinity iDirect 3100 Router Satellite Router adopted for iDirect Standard satellite services with TDMA Included
ASC Signal XR3 Transceiver Universal VSAT Transceiver adopted for iDirect Standard satellite services with TDMA, inclued the LNB PLL Included

Standard Installaltion Services

Standard Installation The implementation of the system and service delivery are certified by the issuance of our central hub, called the document “Ready For Use”, stating the date and start time of the chosen service.

The Standard installation service does not include:
masonry work and welding, structured cabling, LAN-side management, installation and configuration of equipment downstream of the satellite router, not including installation and management of firewalls and router / port forwarding and Local Area Network side configuration.

BASIC Maintenance Package BASIC maintenance includes, support of the NOC by e-mail and telephone during office hours, remedial action within 72 hours from notification of the fault guaranteed during working hours, software updates, configuration remote terminal, 12-month warranty for equipment purchased from hardware Space Dynamics Service manteinance available in all countries of the European Union. Other countries on request.
ADVANCED Maintenance Package Advanced Package Services, summed up telephone support in English, during business hours, Mon-Fri from 9 to 18, EST, weekdays, 72 hours response guaranteed for intervention maintenance, except weekends, advance the defective parts with delivery by TNT Express Carrier, extended hardware warranty period, for the duration of the service contract. Service kit available in all countries of the European Union. Other countries on request.

Notes: excluding the purchase of a maintenance package, they are still guaranteed the support telephone and email support of the NOC, during normal business hours, no guaranteed period of time in the order of arrival of requests (not there is a guaranteed response time). The maintenance packages must be requested within 4 weeks after the hardware purchase.

“Requirements” required: When the installation is necessary at the facility is properly delivered and available electric power at 220V, which is prepared by the client the installation area and that there is a plant manager to sign acceptance of the installation reports issued by our certified technician.