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  1. How will you process my order?
    Your order will be received (fax) and checked. A first invoice with initial costs will be sent to Yo...
  2. Is it possible to change the connection profile during the 12 months contract?
    The connection rates can be modified both in upgrade and downgrade simply by requesting a specific o...
  3. In which countries is SpaceLinks available?
    SpaceLinks is being marketed internationally and is available in a growing number of countries. For ...
  4. Is a telephone connection required?
    No, a standard telephone connection is not required in order to install and use the service.
  5. Which are the guarantee conditions of the service?
    The guarantee covers hardware for 12 months and installation for the first 2 months. It is invalidat...
  6. What kind of benefits does SpaceLinks offer compared to the traditional wired technology?
    SpaceLinks and DSL technologies offer a broadband always-on connection to the Internet. The advantag...
  7. How long does it take to install and enable the service?
    SpaceLinks is normally installed and enabled in one or two weeks.
  8. How does the bidirectional satellite link work?
    The bidirectional satellite link provides a broadband Internet access. The system is made up by a mo...
  9. What is SpaceLinks?
    SpaceLinks is a broadband Internet via satellite service. SpaceLinks offers a bidirectional broadban...