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  1. What kind of dishes does SpaceLinks provide?
    SpaceLinks provides bidirectional dishes with different size depending on satellite coverage. The di...
  2. Can I use SpaceLinks onboard a vehicle or a boat?
    SpaceLinks can be used onboard a vehicle ( e.g. camper ) , providing a mobile service to connect to ...
  3. What kind of requirement needs SpaceLinks to be installed?
    In order to provide our service the satellite dish should be placed in sight of satellite. No buildi...
  4. I already have a satellite dish to watch TV. Can I use this dish?
    No, the parabolic antenna used for satellite TV is intended only to receive satellite signal. Our di...
  5. How is SpaceLinks installed?
    SpaceLinks will be installed in the same way as the satellite TV. A 0.96m dish will be installed tog...