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New solutions with KA Band


Solutions with a wide-band Ka-band technology. Finally available SpaceLinks connectivity solutions, bi-directional with Ka-Band, adapted to provide data services at high speed across Europe via satellite, IP protocol, voice over IP and for access to all the advantages of the “web based” Internet and business. Services for individuals, professionals and small and medium enterprises, with low-cost and high performance.

• Bi-directional satellite terminal
• Internet always-on
• Management of Email
• Video Streaming
• Video Conference
• FTP File Transfer Protocol
• Virtual Private Network (VPN)
• stable and high-speed connections
• Various connection speed:
from 512 kbit/s to 8192 kbit/s downstream
and 128 kbit/s to 2560 kbit/s upstream
• Availability 99.80% (annual%)
• Voice over IP compliant
• One terminal
• Ethernet-compatible
• Wireless compatible
• Windows, Linux, Mac OS
• DHCP, SMTP, POP3 integrated

More details are available on the “solutions” page.

23 January 2012