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Disaster recovery

Technical specifications:

  • Bidirectional satellite terminal
  • Always-on internet connection
  • Email
  • Digital Video Streaming
  • Videoconferencing
  • File Transfer (FTP)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Fast and reliable connection
  • Several downlink/uplink speeds:
    from 512 to 2048 down
    from 128 to 512 up
  • 99.80% availability
  • No telephone needed
  • Compact terminal
  • Ethernet — run on small networks
  • Wireless LAN compliant
  • VoiceOverIP support
  • Windows, Linux, Mac Os
  • DHCP, SMTP, POP3 integrated protocols

Prices excluded 20% VAT (if applicable). Installation prices subject to satisfactory survey. Unusual conditions will be charged extra. Space Dynamics reserves the right to change specifications and prices. Minimum contract: 12 months. Public IP address available on demand. Prices quoted are for antenna sizes up to and including 0.96 m

Our Guarantee
We are professional chartered satellite communication engineers! Our goal is to provide an outstanding service and we will work with You to meet All Your requirements.

Usefull Information

Space Dynamics iDirect through technology offers a comprehensive service for Disaster Recovery solutions, they can ensure speed and efficiency.

Thanks to the performance of broadband connectivity is able to interconnect any communication system, internet, voice over IP, messaging, regardless of terrestrial connectivity.

Our service
We offer a number of choices to suit your requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

Hardware equipment: The equipments described in the following table are necessary for iDirect services in Europe:

1.2m dish ASC Signal standard Antenna, adopted for iDirect Standard satellite services with TDMA and SCPC Included
Infinity iDirect X3 Router Satellite Router adopted for iDirect Standard satellite services with TDMA Included
ASC Signal XR3 Transceiver Universal VSAT Transceiver adopted for iDirect Standard satellite services with TDMA, inclued the LNB PLL Included

Installaltion Services

Standard Training For the installation crew of our Transportable Solution which can be pointed by the customer himself. Basically the customer is trained as a certified installer on the specific satellite. After succesful training the customer receives a installer certificate Installations and trainings available in all Countries of the European Union. Other countries available on request.
Standard Installation Basic Includes Standard Mounting on vehicle roof luggage carrier, comissioning of system, calibrating of antenna system to specific satellite, available to all major countries of Central Europe , Antenna is already ready mounted before delivery (most systems are getting shipped with pre- mounted antenna and BUC/ LNB) Installations and trainings available in all Countries of the European Union. Other countries available on request.

What Standard does not include:
vehicle specific mountings on roof carriers, drilling of vehicle for cabling (needs to be prepared before), costs for transportation of the unit to the customer, travelling costs and accomodation expenses (0,5 € per kilometer) plus toll road fees.