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Europe • iDirect

Technical specifications:

  • Bidirectional satellite terminal
  • Always-on internet connection
  • Email
  • Digital Video Streaming
  • Videoconferencing
  • File Transfer (FTP)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Fast and reliable connection
  • Several downlink/uplink speeds:
    from 512 to 2048 down
    from 128 to 512 up
  • 99.80% availability
  • No telephone needed
  • Compact terminal
  • Ethernet — run on small networks
  • Wireless LAN compliant
  • VoiceOverIP support
  • Windows, Linux, Mac Os
  • DHCP, SMTP, POP3 integrated protocols

Prices excluded 20% VAT (if applicable). Installation prices subject to satisfactory survey. Unusual conditions will be charged extra. Space Dynamics reserves the right to change specifications and prices. Minimum contract: 12 months. Public IP address available on demand. Prices quoted are for antenna sizes up to and including 0.96 m

Our Guarantee
We are professional chartered satellite communication engineers! Our goal is to provide an outstanding service and we will work with You to meet All Your requirements.

Usefull Information

Space Dynamics in partnership with several satellite operators, provides two-way satellite communication systems. We are pleased to offer you the freedom to choose a broadband Internet connection, bidirectional, fast, always-on, using the terminal and the service SpaceLinks.

iDirect Technology
Hardware and software products iDirect family, born from the development of military technology, then taken to the commercial world, have been developed keeping in mind the need for connectivity derived from the application needs of end users. These products combine years of research and development of TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), satellite communications and related software algorithms.

This telecommunication technology combines flexibility, reliability and cost, satisfying the connectivity requirements at all levels, in fact, features that were developed and introduced the technology include the optimization of TCP / IP on satellite links (TCP and 3 – Way Handshake Acceleration, local caching DNS), QoS and traffic prioritization, DHCP / NAT functions centrallizate configuration and network management and frequency hopping.

iDirect Evolution series
The X3 series is a solution “single box” that includes a two-way satellite modem, IP router, the software for the optimization of TCP over satellite links and the management of quality of service (QoS).

The iDirect X3 series router is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies with regular need for interconnection. Capable of supporting data rates up to 18 Mbps downstream (or outbound) and 4.2 Mbps upstream (or inbound) is able to support all IP applications, including VoIP and video streaming.

Connectivity services
Our services are provided directly through our Teleport of Padua. This structure of the points of customized remote stations directly to the Internet Backbone, a Help Desk STRUCTURE of the first and second level, in addition to being an operations center “Autonomous Systems”, with redundancy of equipment and bound.



IP connect EUROPE

Max contention




Max down speed
Max upload speed

512 kbit/s
128 kbit/s

512 kbit/s
256 kbit/s

1024 kbit/s
256 kbit/s

1024 kbit/s
512 kbit/s

2048 kbit/s
256 kbit/s

2048 kbit/s
512 kbit/s

€ 169

€ 209

€ 269

€ 299

€ 469

€ 529

€ 279

€ 349

€ 439

€ 499

€ 799

€ 899

Unlimited traffic
VPN Support
Public IP
Always On

€ 1.750
On demand

€ 1.750
On demand